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One of the leading brand of genuine leather accessories, Adamis is a world-class brand with patrons across the globe. While we had been providing value for money, easy accessibility, high-quality products, we also take care of your requirements after purchase too.
Thus, we are providing you lifetime repair warranty as well for every product that you purchase from Adamis. Well… it does not end here. There’s more to it!!
To serve you well and help you save by shopping, we have come up with Adamis Allies Act.
Relax…it’s no legal contract, as it may sound to you, instead it’s a rewards program, wherein all the members of Adamis Allies Act are rewarded back for their loyalty towards the brand.

Join for a Bonus of 500!!

All the members joining the rewards program, get 500 bonus points on joining. Also, as start shopping you will be earning points on every shopping. These points will work as money in your m-card with which you would be able to avail discounts on your next purchases. All the members will get instant updates on their phones about all the latest offers and discounts at the stores.

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Adamis Allies Act


Earn Rewards:

No matter where you shop.

Get Customised offers:

Instantly on your mobile.

Single loyalty club:

For multiple leading brands.


Retail membership.

Special previews :

Season & End of season.

How to earn and use points

Slab 1

Spend between Rs.0 to Rs.4999 to become Slab 1 and Get 0% points on purchase value.

Slab 2

Spend between Rs.5000 to Rs.7499 to become Slab 2 and Get 10% points on purchase value.

Slab 3

Spend above Rs.7500 to Rs.9999 to become Slab 3 and Get 15% points on purchase value.

Slab 4

Spend above Rs.1000 to Rs.100000000 to become Slab 4 and Get 12.5% points on purchase value.

Adamis, with a trust of the finest leather product, also provides value for money you spend in shopping with us. So, launching Adamis Allies Act is a way step further to connect with our customers better and help them take advantage of our services in a much efficient manner.
As you join the club, you are entitled to 500 points on your first purchase at Adamis. On your billing range between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 7499, you earn 10 points on spending every Rs. 100. As your total billing amount gets higher and your bills get in the range of Rs. 7,500–9,999, you earn 15 points at the expense of every Rs. 100. Once your bills cross the limit of Rs. 10,000, you are now eligible to earn 20 points each on every Rs. 100 spent.
All the points that you collect get saved in your m-card (membership card), which you may access through the Adamis mobile app. It is through m-card that you can track the status of your points, earned and redeemed both.
All your points work as money in your m-card. Every two points in your m-card is equal to Re. 1. To redeem your points, you may just shake your mobile app at the counter and request for a gift voucher. On accumulating 5000 points, you get a gift voucher of 10% off at Adamis. Shoppers get an automated gift voucher of 20% discount on having 10,000 points. Once you have crossed the limit of 10,000 points customized offers are given to the customers on the basis of interactions with them.
Thus, making a win-win situation for all the customers.


Registration Offer

Enjoy a welcome drink (choose from ice tea /fresh lime soda) on the first order.

Facebook Offer

Enjoy a welcome drink (choose from ice tea /fresh lime soda) on the first order.

Mob App Offer

Registering through mobile app enjoy added 50 bonus points in your account.

Birthday Offer

On this special day any bill above 400 - sizzling brownie free.

Anniversary Offer

On this special day any bill above 400 - sizzling brownie free.

About - Adamis Allies Act

Adamis is owned and operated by Rasulbhai Adamji, a business group formally incorporated in 1965. Connoisseurs of fine leather accessories have patronized our creations for over 60 years. In addition to selling leather accessories of the highest quality throughout India, we also cater to international customers in Australia, Germany, the Middle East, Nepal, Spain, Switzerland and UK and are rapidly expanding our footprint globally. We are also one of Mumbai's biggest wholesalers and retailers of finished leather hides used in the manufacture of shoes, bags, upholstery and watch straps. Rasulbhai Adamji is also a franchisee in Stanley Boutiques, a chain of exclusive furniture stores in Mumbai. Stanley boutiques retails customized sofas and furniture and has retailing arrangements with finest brands in the world including La-z-boy recliners (USA) and Calligaris dining sets (Italy).

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Corporate Office

Contact Service Hotline : +91 9833449272
Monday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. After business hours please leave us a message and we will get back to you on the next business day.
Email: orders@adamis.in
Fax: +91 22-2202 6097.
Rasulbhai Adamji
48, Colaba Causeway,
2nd Rahim Mansion
Next to Colaba Police Station,
Mumbai - 400 001.

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